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  • Thanks Tropical Seas!

    Just recently purchased some of your hand sanitizer. Couldn't believe my good fortune since it has been impossible to get any hand sanitizer for some time now. Had to write to tell you your sanitizer is fabulous! It not only sanitizes, but my hands are so soft compared to many other brands that dry your hands out. Imagine my surprise to also find out it came from Ormond Beach, Fla. Many years ago I lived in Daytona Beach so I know Ormond Beach well. Thank you for making this product. Can't wait to spread the word about this product. Keep up the good work!

    Ginny Grant

  • Highly recommended

    I went on a cruise in the Bahamas for a week and used the sunscreen i bought and it was crazy how well it worked, i was the only one out of eight people that didn’t get sunburnt. it’s very light weight, it’s not stick or tacky, and it’s great for the environment. Highly recommended.

    Kennedy Waller

  • Gnarly Head Rocks!

    Picked this up at a resort as my hair was impossible to comb after swimming in the ocean. Smells wonderful and leaves the hair easy to comb without adding a “product” feel or weighing the hair down. Amazing product!!!


  • The Best Dog Shampoo Yet!

    Our dog, Coconut has itchy sensitive skin. He’s a Bischon Frise mix with lots of curly fur. This 2-in-1 Shampoo lathers up beautifully, cleans well and rinses easily. Coconut has not scratched one bit since using this shampoo and he looks fluffier than ever. We are loyal customers now and totally recommend this awesome PotCake shampoo.

    Island Girl