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Tropical Seas, Inc.
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About Us

Tropical Seas® Inc. has been a family owned and operated business since 1988. 

As Covid-19 has forever changed the world that we live in, we have decided to look beyond the pandemic and to establish our new normal. The one thing that shines brightest in our minds is that everyone should be more vigilant in protecting themselves and their families, not just from the harmful UV rays, but from germs as well.   

We take pride in always being on the leading edge of technology by offering innovative formulations resulting in unique out of the box products like our Itzazu® Color Changing Hand Soap, which teaches kids and adults how to wash their hands properly per the CDC 15-20 second guidelines.

We believe that quality counts in the creation of all our products. We begin at the foundation by researching and selecting only the finest raw materials based on the integrity of the ingredient, as well as the reliability and quality of the manufacturer.

We strive for excellence; therefore, all products are manufactured in our state-of-the-art FDA Licensed facility in Daytona Beach, Florida. To meet our high-quality standards, each batch of product undergoes strict testing in our laboratory. These tests ensure that every batch of product meets the same quality and specifications of the original batch produced.

No matter what your hands, skin, or hair needs, at Tropical Seas, our products will help give them all the love they deserve.

Stay Safe & Be Well